ICEfaces is a feature-rich enterprise-grade UI framework for Java EE that improves developer efficiency and reduces time to market. Use ICEfaces to implement the latest RIA & mobile application features using established Java EE standards your team already knows.


Rich Components, Powerful Framework - ICEfaces

Rich Components, Powerful Framework

Rapidly deliver rich web applications for desktop and mobile platforms by leveraging our comprehensive set of  rich components, backed by a powerful framework with seamless support for Automatic Ajax & Ajax Push.


Ready for Mobile: Web or Hybrid

Responsive design features provide optimal viewing across mobile and desktop browsers. Quickly develop mobile hybrid applications leveraging native device features such as the camera and user contacts.

Commercial Open Source

Choose between ICEfaces open source or ICEfaces Enterprise Edition, featuring either community support or enterprise-grade certification, SLA-based support, and exclusive features. Which ICEfaces is right for you?


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Enterprise Edition

ICEfaces EE is engineered to provide a robust enterprise-grade solution, including certified software releases, SLA-backed support, and EE-exclusive features to ensure the successful development, testing, and deployment of your ICEfaces applications.

Certified Software

  • Certified on a comprehensive set of application servers and browsers, from the latest releases to legacy versions.
  • Extend the life of your legacy infrastructure – deploy rich mobile web applications on your existing servers, avoiding expensive and complex upgrades.

Enterprise Support & SLAs

  • Comprehensive Service Level Agreements (SLAs) to ensure you have the support you need, when you need it.
  • Available priority escalation and emergency patches
  • Our team of experts is here to help you maximize the stability, performance, and impact of your ICEfaces EE applications.

Enterprise Grade

  • Maximum interoperability – supported across the widest range browsers and server platforms in the industry.
  • Support for high-scalability and high-availability clustered configurations
  • Trusted by 20,000 enterprises and 150,000 developers worldwide

Exclusive Features

  • Mobile Device Simulator
  • Enterprise Push Server
  • License indemnification
  • Testing resources – Tutorials for automated functional and load testing
  • Comprehensive server configuration and deployment guides

“After having evaluated a number of prominent Ajax technologies we settled on ICEfaces as the only viable solution for our problem. The richness of the component library met our needs, and the server centric nature of the product integrated well with our existing J2EE infrastructure. We were able to achieve in days what previously took weeks to accomplish using low-level JavaScript programming. The key deciding factor for us, however, was the ability of ICEfaces to support both desktop and mobile environments.”

Maxime Turner
System Architect, C3 Solutions

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ICEfaces Technology

Not all technologies are created equally. Take a closer look and see for yourself why ICEfaces is the most innovative and powerful Java EE UI Framework in use today.


Web Components

ICEfaces provides a comprehensive set of over 100 rich web components featuring extensive client-side processing and powerful theme-based styling for a responsive user-experience across a wide-range of desktop and mobile browsers.

Mobile Components

Use an additional 30+ mobile components to deliver a user experience tailored for mobile devices, supported across all popular mobile device platforms.

Push Technology


Real-time asynchronous updates to the browser

Enterprise Push Server

Enterprise-grade AJAX Push scalabilty and fail-over


Streamlined Configuration

Automatic Ajax

Resource Management

Scoped Resource Registry

Window Scope

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